Thank you so much for the following words of support & encouragements sent to me via email and other social media channels:

I’ve almost forgotten, now reading your poems, a son, born after the tragedy, of our motherland Việt Nam; it evoked in me such deep emotions. –S. Nguyễn (sent from United States about Tiếng Thở Dài Của Biển)

Not going to lie, I teared up reading Chải Đầu Cho Mây. –L. Lý (sent from Singapore)

My schedule is very busy, yet I’ve read and re-read some of your pieces. There’s something so honest, very poignant; a rare feeling in a days-and-age where not many are poignant anymore. Thank you! –Dr. H. Nguyễn (sent from Vietnam about Thirty & Ba Mươi)

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