People speak about love
like it’s the forbidden fruit grown in the Garden of Eden
As if the hearts were made to suspend patiently
waiting to be picked by the gentle men or women.

He, was a boy who waits for the right girl to come
A quiet fellow who never bother anybody
Not even the nicest girls on campus
his friend tried to set him up for a relationship that could be
“She’s just not the right girl for me” He said
Then his friend would explain about:
how the gods and angels of love require ritualistic sacrifices
Even in love you need practices
Even in love you need heartaches
To feel the full spectrum love makes
But no, he waited
Life went on, sure, sometimes he gave in and dated
But he never gave away his heart
and just like every other boy, sometimes he’s jaded.

She, was a sailboat made of feather
floating on the white clouds across continental barriers
Brave like a single rose
grown in the vast desert that could withstand all weather
Yet, gentle like the whispering through times
of echoing past, present and forever
A girl, a thin one,
like the perfect silver-lining the gods left on the sky,
like the other half of a two-piece jigsaw puzzle that fits just right.

So when the universe finally collides
against all the odds and the stars unexpectedly aligned
You’d have to believe that the angels and the gods are satisfied.

Khi vũ trụ bùng nổ và chỉ còn lại hai ngôi sao chiếu sáng cho nhau
Khi tình yêu sau bao ngày mong đợi đã hoà thành một dòng máu
Khi con tim đã ấp ủ và cho nhau nơi nương náu
Để một nghìn năm trước như một nghìn năm sau
Trong Vườn Địa Đàng, sẽ có một “tình yêu mong đợi” mãi cho nhau.


Why else would the boy, now a man,
leaves his father and mother to unite with his wife and become one flesh?
And for a single moment the world will pause and hold its breath
For TWO is now ONE and LOVE was the reason.

It was the “love that waits”
The love that waits is deliberate
The love that waits is deep
The love that waits is moving
The love that waits-never fades.

Written for my friends, Nam & CiCi, on their wedding day (3/16/2013).