I miss you like a prisoner who misses freedom
Looking through a tiny window to see the whole blue sky of hope
Like moats that protects our kingdom
Where we reign with passion and kin
I miss your skin, every pore of it, I love
the way it curves around me in our embrace
Now that we are bonded
By the love we share of our children coming of age
By the good work God put us on this Earth to steward
By the unmoving testament of Time,
Life marches on and forward.

Leaves may fall through many seasons
But the tree of our love springs to life and grows root
Its branches reach out like the many hands of godlike abilities
They nest our children
And they make the “us”–from just “you” and “me”
Between this “us”, even skin-to-skin
There’s an infinite distance
from quark to the edge of atom to where we’ve been together.

I miss you
Not because of physical or metaphysical distance
But like the ocean
It is meant to be dived in
Swam in
Soaked in
Lived in
They say love is when you give away your heart to one another
But I want to give you more
And I want us to want more from each other.

I want to hold hands whenever
I want to kiss whenever
Now, rather than never
I don’t want to waste any precious moment
I don’t want to miss:
Your moon
Your stars
And your sun
I want to be one in all life’s troubles or fun
So it’s okay if we’re occupied by responsibilities
Things we have to do will vary from emergencies to absurdities
But I know, that when the day’s work is done,
We’ll be each other’s home
And I want you to know:
I miss you when I’m not home.