Thoughts and Prayers

If Thoughts and Prayers have a voice
It would be loud for there are many
Between murmurs of truths, half truths and conspiracies
Floating gently in the wind
From Left, Right and all in between

If Thoughts and Prayers can sing
They would softly hum “Amazing Grace”
Over and over again as they march to the cemetery
Where we mourn for children, men, women, gays, Muslims, Jews, Christians, friends, enemies, people without faces and people crossing borders

If Thoughts and Prayers has a color
It would be green
And the gods hold their prayer sessions in the church of the NRA
Where they took care of the tithing
You just need show up with metal crosses and take your pay

If Thoughts and Prayers has a state
It would be Washington D.C covered in silence
“It’s not the right time!” they say
But the Bridegroom comes not at midnight but in broad daylight
The Banquet started on schedule, the cymbals sounded aloud
Echoing in empty halls of schools with yellow tapes and chalk all around

If Thoughts and Prayers could count
They would stop at zero
Because anymore and it would be too much
But like us and the religion they came from, we’re all hostages
Held at gunpoint to keep counting
The numbers keep on climbing and amounting to unknown peaks

If Thoughts and Prayers could speak
They would say: “We’ve been answered!”
And the answer is you
Find the courage to do something. Anything.
Because people keep on dying and nightmares are coming true.

Written in support of the youth’s National School Walkout on 3/14/2018