Hope Came on a Wednesday

Hope came on a Wednesday
With hundreds of flags planted on body bags
Some in temporary storage, some mass buried
All alone, all needless
With only 56 lights remained of states and territories,
Silent walls protecting a broken house we all shared

Hope came on a Wednesday
Like many Wednesdays that came before
When we fought the Nazis, Fascists, racists, slave owners
And many more
Shout it loud from the top of the City on the Hill!
We are blessed with “hope”… again

Hope came on a Wednesday
Like promises fulfilled once more
Around a feast, a table stacked with privileges
Breadcrumbs leading to a nation of barefoot citizens
Fighting to pull themselves up by their bootstraps
While being suffocated by idled teats

Hope came on a Wednesday
In the middle of the week
Like our country, split evenly between Truth and falsehoods
Like families, like brothers and sisters, like friends and enemies
As if with just a new coat of white paint
The blood on the street, on the steering wheel, in the house, on the couch, in the bedroom will be simply washed away

Hope came on a Wednesday
A sunless sky, a shattered Earth
Justice drank too much last night and overslept
Some wept, others celebrated with bugles heralding in a new era
“We have won. It’s all that matters!”
Hope came on a Wednesday, for those who may.